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Ethan Geraghty

I'm Ethan, a University of Hull student studying BSc Computer Science.

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C# SQL HTML University of Hull
A software experiment to link a 3NF SQL database with a static C# client and a webpage.

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C# University of Hull
Software proposed to allow University staff to more easily and reliably keep track on student engagement.

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Schedule Mate

PHP HTML / JS / CSS University of Hull
A product designed to allow friendship groups to find time to meet up.

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Capstone Project

C# University of Hull
The Capstone Project was designed to test all elements of OOP programming as an assessment.

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Apollo Revision

PHP HTML / JS / CSS New College Doncaster
An online revision platform for learners of any age.

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Remote Assistance Services

Online, over the phone and in-person technology assistance.

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System Design & Build

Need a killer new gaming rig, or just a silent office desktop? We've got you covered. Simply tell us your requirements and allow your

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Device Refresh

Got a PC or Laptop that's just not like it used to be? We'll get that sorted. By upgrading the device, you can keep the device you know and love, now with a new lease of life!

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